Crime City

by Crime City

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released January 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Crime City Vancouver, British Columbia

It's like music, only faster.

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Track Name: Coasting Through
I can hardly remember when, no, I can't recall a time when our perfect lives had yet to fall apart. What was once just a fear is now a reality, one that you'll regret to the grave. Counting the chances that we have thrown away.
Now I'm wondering where it all went wrong. We led a life of promise and drive, it makes you wonder why we settled for this life where disappointment thrives, and jealousy resides. If you had a second chance, could change the way it is, then tell me: what would you do now?
We've been living a lie. We say we're satisfied, but we both know our dreams have long since faded out. And so we spend our time fantasizing about the way things might have been, we grasp at strings and hope that we can start again. It's not too late to try, but something always gets in the way.
We will keep coasting through.
No resistance on this path, it's a measure of our conviction. So still we lay here, while some would kill to lead the life that we're all just dying to live.

Life wasn't meant to go this way.
Track Name: By The Book
A first edition story, nothing more. A single omission led us down the path to war. Fake, these lies will shape the rest of time and take what's right, and grind it away like a mountain into sand, along with common sense.
The means, you said, were necessary then, but now that it's done, tell me how to justify the end. How far we've fallen.
So come through the fire, cleanse your sins. Worship the pages, savour the script, blind to the fiction I wrote. Though I struggled, I could not bear to kill it before they raped it. I wish I'd had the strength to let go.
Turn water into lies, glorify death. Who'd believe a couple thousand pages would cause such a god damned mess? If you thought steel could beat ink, you don't now.
So the lessons from a fairy tale are the facts now. Take a bribe to live it by the book, trading afterlife for death, fear for happiness.
Is it truth, or lie, when the whole world is sold on the same thing? So the years roll by, and the body count grows from the greatest story ever told. I never meant a word, and you know I'd take it back if I could.
Track Name: The Human Condition
Break down the fucking walls. They never kept us safe, just magnified our differences, sowed hate. A city swathed in flames, a country running on beliefs: this is not a war, it's another crusade.
I have laid a claim to a patch of real estate, and I would kill to get inside that place. Words of wisdom have let us down, it turns out what the world needs now isn't love, but rationality.
It's not the life that we're given, but ones we take, and the fact that we're fighting for a "king" who won't live again, that define the madness of a race gone wrong.
The human condition, the hate symptom.
Track Name: The Cost Of Living
I am out on the frontline. I feel like I'm being herded, and though I dug this grave, I don't think I deserve it. I'm running scared. I know one thing for certain: I'd trade your life to see the sun rise again.
All or nothing, we play for keeps with the highest stakes. One shot, then you're laid to rest. Eyes wide open, face to face with a loaded gun, you felt nothing at the end.
I can't help but wonder, how'd his family deal with the loss? Lately I've been thinking, the life that I've been living wasn't worth the cost.
We write stories of noble heroes, the good vanquish the villains. But life gives us a different version, we all lose in the end.
I'll live with my pivotal decision for the rest of my life. In hindsight, I don't know if it was worth it, to see the sun rise again.
Track Name: Running From Office
A vague answer to a question no one asked, he shook your hand, with fingers crossed behind his back. Teeth bared in a rictus smile, he spoke, and promised everything, anything you asked for. The price we paid for naïveté was more than we could afford. So we became the blind, led by the deaf. Sanity went right out the window. With regret, we abandoned the place that we called home. What choice did we have left?
We ran away, tried so hard to disappear. They chased us down, they reeled us in. The (last) rites had to be said for innocence. How is it that we could not see through the blatant lies? Sugar coated and disguised, we swallowed them whole.
They took away the rights we took for granted. We had so much at stake, but not enough ambition to do what we thought was right. One small mistake led us to this point, and now we have no hope of escape. We're stuck inside this nightmare, and there is no waking up.
My eyes are burning out from staring at the sun. In time, we won't remember that we had ever wanted to be free, we'll lose the memory. There was no battle, no war, yet somehow we still lost. So light up your cigar, congratulate yourself on your victory thats measured in the lies believed. Even though I'll seem everything you want of me, you will not succeed. My mind will remain my property.